Leinster Age Group Championships 2023

Date: Friday 12th May to Sunday 14th May

Location: National Aquatic Centre (NAC), Dublin. This gala is swam LONG COURSE.

Eligibility: 12yrs and over. Long course and short course qualifying times and consideration times apply. Qualification Times guarantee entry, Consideration Times do not, where the event is oversubscribed the swimmer's entry is not guaranteed. and swimmers may be cut upwards from the slowest entry times.

Entry times must have been achieved in open competition at Level 2 Galas or Higher since 1st June 2022. The club must submit a proof of times achieved so no swimmer may use a coaches or training time.

Fees: €10 per event, €24 per relay (€6/swimmer). Entry fees must be settled in full in advance of the gala on or by 1st MAY.

Entry Closing Date: Curragh Gala Secretary will be accepting entries until 24th April, Asgard Gala will be the final opportunity to gain entry times to LAG '23.

Scratches: Once entries are submitted and the LAG submission deadline of 1st May is passed, there will be no free/refundable scratches (withdrawals). Note: Parents must inform the gala secretary by 4pm the evening before each Session of any last minute scratches. Omitting to notify in advance may result in a fine applied to the swimmer by Leinster Swimming.

Age Groups: Individual events 12yrs, 13/14yrs, 15/16yrs, 17&Over. Relays are aged 13-14yrs and 15&Over.

Heats and Finals: All events are run OPEN with non-seeded heats. All events will run in heats with 10 places available in each final girls and boys for every age-group. There will be two reserve finalists (11th & 12th).

Finalists MUST check-in with the line-up official 15MINS in advance of their finals race time. If they fail to do so, their place will be given to a reserve finalists.

If a finalist does not wish to compete in the FINALS, they MUST notify the team manager or coach as soon as possible after the finalists have been announced. Failure to notify within 30MINS of the announcements, will result in a €50 fine.

400M, 800M and 1500M events will be HDW (heat declared winners - ie no finals). All Relays will be HDW also.

SKINS EVENT: On Saturday, Session 6, the 200IM Skins Event will be held. The fastest 8 girls and the fastest 8 boys (regardless of age) from the 200IM HEATS will be offered the opportunity to participate.  If the offer is accepted, the swimmer cannot also compete in the 200IM AGE GROUP Finals.  There will be an extra set of medals for the top 3 girl and boy swimmers in the SKINS EVENT.

Relays: 4 x 100m Freestyle, Medley and Mixed Medley. 4 x 200m Freestyle and Medley. 4 x 50m Freestyle and Medley 12YR OLDS ONLY. Mixed relays must have 2 girls and 2 boys.


  1. Morning Sessions across the 3 days are for 15/16yrs and 17&O. WarmUps 8AM, events starting at 9AM.
  2. Mid-Day Sessions are for 12 and 13/14yrs. WarmUps 12NOON, events at 1PM. Relays at these sessions 12yrs only, 13/14yrs relays are in Evening Session.
  3. Evening Sessions are for FINALS in all ages, relays in 13/14, 15/16 and 17&Over. SKINS Event is on Saturday, 2nd and 4th events after the girls and after the boys 200IM age-group finals.

Please see the full schedule sent by email to you.

Medals: Leinster Championship Medals will be awarded to the top 3 Leinster Swimmers and relay teams in each age-group plus the first 3 swimmers in the 200IM Skins.

Two special awards will be given to the best swimmer - boy AND girl - who score the highest number of points across a maximum of 6 events.

OFFICIALS DUTY: Leinster Swimming will issue the timekeeping and turn judge roster in advance of the competition, by 5th May. Clubs are obliged to provide officials in accordance with this roster. Clubs who do not do so will have their swimmer excluded from the gala. If a parent refuses or fails to cover their allocated duties, CST will therefore have to consider excluding the swimmer from their events.

DATA PROTECTION: By submitting entries, the consent of swimmers and their parents are given to the holding of appropriate personal information by Leinster Swimming. Personal date, such as name, age, club, times, may be made public prior to, during or after the meet (eg on programs, results sheets, Meet Mobile App, etc).