Leinster Future Challengers Meet, Round 1 Level 2 Short Course 24th October, 2021

Venue: NAC, Abbottstown, Dublin

Eligibility: Registered swimmers aged 10-12 years old, as at 31st December 2021. No qualifying/consideration times.

Curragh ST Entry Deadline: Wednesday 13th Oct 2021, no exceptions

Fee: €9 per event, €20 per relay team. Payments usual method as for fees. Please email notice of payment to the Club Treasurer. Fees due only on receipt of fee notice from gala secretary.

Parent Duty: Parents of swimmers at this gala may be called upon to act as officials, ie. time keepers, turn judges or stewards. They must make themselves available for this. For every 4 swimmers, the club must provide 1 official.

Awards: Certificates will be awarded to the Top 3 highest scoring teams on completion of the Round 1 AND Round 2 meets, and also to the most improved team between Round 1 and Round 2. The Round 2 meets will be in January and March 2022.

Warm Ups: Please note that all swimmers competing in a session, MUST arrive in plenty of time for the warm-up and be ready with hat, goggles, pool footwear and towel 15 mins before the warm-up start time. Swimmers must participate in the warm-up or may not be allowed compete.


Sunday 24th October 2021 : Session 1 – Warm Up 7.45AM Start 9.00AM

  1. Girls 12yo 200m Free
  2. Boys 12yo 200m Free
  3. Girls 10yo 50m Back
  4. Boys 10yo 50m Back
  5. Girls 11-12yo 100m Back
  6. Boys 11-12yo 100m Back
  7. Girls 10yo 50m Breast
  8. Boys 10yo 50m Breast
  9. Girls 11-12yo 100m Breast
  10. Boys 11-12yo 100m Breast
  11. Girls 10yo 50m Free
  12. Boys 10yo 50m Free
  13. Mixed 10yo MEDLAY RELAY (50mx4) selected by coaches

Sunday 24th October 2021 : Session 2 – Warm up 2.00PM, start 3.00PM

  1. Boys 11-12yo 200IM
  2. Girls 11-12yo 200IM
  3. Boys 10yo 100IM
  4. Girls 10yo 100IM
  5. Boys 11yo 100M Free
  6. Girls 11yo 100M Free
  7. Boys 10yo 50m Fly
  8. Girls 10yo 50m Fly
  9. Boys 12yo 100m Fly
  10. Girls 12 yo 100m Fly
  11. Boys 10-12yo 25m Free Kick
  12. Girls 10-12yo 25m Free Kick
  13. Mixed 10-12yo FREESTYLE RELAY (50m x 6) selected by coaches

Closed for Entries