Leinster SC Championship Meet 2021/22 Licence No: 4S-21/22-L007

Date: Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st November

Location: National Aquatic Centre, Dublin

Eligibility: Registered Swimmers aged 13 & Over. Ages at 31/12/2021. Times must have been achieved since 1st July 2019. Qualifying and Consideration Times apply. These times have been sent out to parents by email. Qualification times guarantee entry to the event. Consideration times will be accepted as long as time availability allows.

Relays: There are 6 relay events, mixed free and mixed medley, girls free and medley, boys free and medley. All open events. Clubs may enter 2 teams maximum in each relay event. It is the coaches decision if relay teams will be entered but if you are selected for a relay you must present to compete even if you are not competing in another event that session.

Finals: A and B finals will be run off in each 50m, 100m and 200m event. Finals are open, no separate ones for the two age groups – Senior and Youth. 800m events separate 2xheats each for boys and girls. 1500m separate 1xheat for boys and girls.

Withdrawals: Swimmers who qualify for a final but do not wish to compete MUST withdraw within 30 minutes of the finals being announced. Failure to do so will result in a fine of €20 to the swimmer.

Officials: Parents of swimmers must make themselves available to act as officials. The Club is required to provide 1 official per 4 swimmers.

Deadline: Club deadline Sunday 7th November: no exceptions. Scratches MUST be notified to the Club Gala Secretary by 4PM evening of Friday 19th November for Session 1, 2 & 4; AND by 4PM Saturday 20th November for Session 6 & 8.

Fees: €9 per event (€8+€1 club charge) and €20 per relay team.

Awards: Leinster Championship medals to the first 3 swimmers in each A final. Also, Youth Medals will be awarded to the top 3 swimmers in each event based on times achieved in the A or B finals but only to those who do not win a Leinster Championship Medal.

Please Note: This is a Short Course 25m Level 4 competition

COVID: Swimmers must wear facemasks when moving around the building, lining up and on pool deck. Social distancing must be adhered to. All persons entering the building aged over 18+ years, must show a digital covid vaccination certificate and photographic id.

Saturday 20th:

Session 1 Heats Warm-Up 7:30AM Start 9:00AM

Session 2 FINALS – Start 15m after Heats Finish

  1. Mixed Freestyle Relay (50M x 4) HDW
  2. Girls 400m Free HDW
  3. Boys 100m IM Heats
  4. Girls 50m Fly Heats
  5. Boys 50m Free Heats
  6. Girls 200m Back Heats
  7. Boys 200m Breast Heats
  8. Girls 100m Breast Heats
  9. Boys 100m Back Heats
  10. Girls 200m IM Heats
  11. Boys 200m Free Heats
  1. Boys 100m IM 1xFinal
  2. Girls 50m Fly 1xFinal
  3. Boys 50m Free 1xFinal
  4. Girls 200m Back 1xFinal
  5. Boys 200m Breast 1xFinal
  6. Girls 100m Breast 1xFinal
  7. Boys 100m Back 1xFinal
  8. Girls 200m IM 1xFinal
  9. Boys 200m Free 1xFinal

Session 3 Heats Warm-Up 2:00PM Start 3:00PM

Session 4 FINALS start 15m after Heats Finish

  1. Girls 200m Fly Heats
  2. Boys 100m Fly Heats
  3. Girls 100m Free Heats
  4. Boys 50m Breast Heats
  5. Girls 50m Back Heats
  6. Boys 400m IM HDW
  7. Girls Freestlye Relay (50m x 4) HDW
  8. Boys Freestyle Relay (50m x 4) HDW
  1. Girls 200m Fly 1xFinal
  2. Boys 100m Fly 1xFinal
  3. Girls 100m Free 1xFinal
  4. Boys 50m Breast 1xFinal
  5. Girls 50m Back 1xFinal
  6. 20. Boys 800m Free HDW (2xHeats)
  7. 21. Girls 800m Free HDW (2xHeats)

Sunday 21st November:

Session 5: Heats Warm-Up 7:30AM-9:00AM

Session 6: FINALS start 15m after Heats Finish

  1. Mixed Medley Relay (50mx4) HDW
  2. Boys 400m Free HDW
  3. Girls 100m IM Heats
  4. Boys 50m Fly Heats
  5. Girls 50m Free Heats
  6. Boys 200m Back Heats
  7. Girls 200m Breast Heats
  8. Boys 100m Breast Heats
  9. Girls 100m Back Heats
  10. Boys 200m IM Heats
  11. Girls 200m Free Heats
  1. Girls 100m IM 1xFinal
  2. Boys 50m Fly 1xFinal
  3. Girls 50m Fly 1xFinal
  4. Boys 200m Back 1xFinal
  5. Girls 200m Breast 1xFinal
  6. Boys 100m Breast 1xFinal
  7. Girls 100m Back 1xFinal
  8. Boys 200m IM 1xFinal
  9. Girls 200m Free 1xFinal

Session 7: Heats Warm-Up 2:00PM, Start 3:00PM

Session 8: FINALS start 15m after Heats Finish

  1. Boys 200m Fly Heats
  2. Girls 100m Fly Heats
  3. Boys 100m Free Heats
  4. Girls 50m Breast
  5. Boys 50m Back
  6. Girls 400m IM HDW
  7. Boys Medley Relay (50m x 4) HDW
  8. Girls Medley Relay (50m x 4) HDW
  1. Boys 200m Fly 1xFinal
  2. Girls 100m Fly 1xFinal
  3. Boys 100m Free 1xFinal
  4. Girls 50m Breast 1xFinal
  5. Boys 50m Back 1xFinal
  6. 41. Girls 1500m Free HDW
  7. 42. Boys 1500m Free (HDW)