PwC Trojan Gala 9th & 10th April 2022


SATURDAY 9th April and Sunday 10th April


Newpark Sports Centre, Newpark School, Newtownpark Ave. Blackrock, Co. Dublin.

Entry Fees

€9 per individual event, €20 per relay team (€5 payable per swimmer). Swimmers will be chosen for the relay teams by coaches but please indicate availability on the entry form below.


Please notify the gala secretary as soon as possible if your swimmer needs to be scratched from an event. The entry fee remains payable once PwC Trojan “free scratches deadline” is passed, 3rd April 2022.

Age Eligibility for Events, as at 31st Dec 2022

  • Age 9-10yrs 50m Back, Breast and Fly
  • Age 9-12yrs 50m Freesytle
  • Age 10-15+yrs 100m Free, Back, Breast and Fly
  • Age 11-15+yrs 200IM
  • Age 11-15+yrs 200m Freestyle
  • Age 13-15+yrs 200m Back, Breast and Fly

Qualifying Times

  • Boys and Girls 200IM : faster than 3.35.00
  • Boys and Girls 200m Freestyle: faster than 3.15.00


Medals presented to the Top 3 Boys and Girls in age groups: 9, 10, 11, 12, 13-14, 15&over. except,

11-12 200IM and 200 Free as one age category

The overall winner of the 200IM boys AND girls will win the Trojan SC 200IM Perpetual Trophy.

Relays are grouped 9-10, 11-12, 13-14 and 15&over.

Overall awards will be presented to Top Boy and Top Girl and Best Visiting Club.

Closing Date for Entries

Entries must be submitted on the form below by Saturday 19th March no later than 6PM. No late entries will be considered for this gala.

Session 1: Sat 9th April Warm-up 7.45-8.45AM Start 9AM

Session 3: Sun 10th April Warm-up 7.45-8.45AM Start 9AM

101Boys 9-1050 Fly
102Girls 9-1050 Back
103Boys 10-12100 Breast
104Girls 10-12100 Free
105Boys 9-1050 Breast
106Girls 9-1250 Free
107Boys 10-12100 Back
108Girls 10-12100 Fly
109Boys 9-10200 Free Relay
110Boys 11-12200 Free Relay
111Girls 9-10200 Medley Relay
112Girls 11-12200 Medley Relay
301Girls 9-1050 Fly
302Boys 9-1050 Back
303Girls 10-12100 Breast
304Boys 10-12100 Free
305Girls 9-1050 Breast
306Boys 9-1250 Free
307Girls 10-12100 Back
308Boys 10-12100 Fly
309Girls 9-10200 Free Relay
310Girls 11-12200 Free Relay
311Boys 9-10200 Medley Relay
312Boys 11-12200 Medley Relay

Session 2: Sat 9th April Warm-up 1PM – 2PM, Start 2.15PM

Session 4: Sun 10th April Warm-up 1PM – 2PM, Start 2.15PM

201Girls 11-12200IM
202Boys 11-12200 Free
203-4Girls 13-14, 15&O200 Fly
205-6Boys 13-14, 15&O100 Back
207-8Girls 13-14, 15&O200 Back
209-10Boys 13-14, 15&O100 Breast
211-12Girls 13-14, 15&O200 Breast
213-14Boys 13-14, 15&O100 Free
215-16Girls 13-14, 15&O200 Free
217-18Boys 13-14, 15&O100 Fly
219-20Girls 13-14, 15&O200IM
221Boys 13-14200 Free Relay
222Boys 15&O200 Free Relay
223Girls 13-14200 Medley Relay
224Girls 15&O200 Medley Relay
401 Boys 11-12200IM
402Girls 11-12200 Free
403-4Boys 13-14, 15&O200 Fly
405-6Girls 13-14, 15&O100 Back
407-8Boys 13-14, 15&O200 Back
409-10Girls 13-14, 15&O100 Breast
411-12Boys 13-14, 15&O200 Breast
413-14Girls 13-14, 15&O100 Free
415-16Boys 13-14, 15&O200 Free
417-18Girls 13-14, 15&O100 Fly
419-20Boys 13-14, 15&O200IM
421Girls 13-14200 Free Relay
422Girls 15&O200 Free Relay
423Boys 13-14200 Medley Relay
424Boys 15&O200 Medley Relay

Closed for Entries